Academic Calendar 2017-2018

Preparatory course in Croatian language for foreign students – Rijeka School of Croatian Studies

The preparatory course in Croatian language for foreign students from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka will be organized by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka, Rijeka School of Croatian Studies.

The course is intended for students without prior knowledge of the Croatian language, i.e. the initial level of learning. The intensive preparatory course consists of 10 lessons which will be held from 25th to 30th September 2020 (every day except Sunday), two lessons/hours per day. The course leader will be Professor Tanja Diklić and the classes will be held synchronously at a distance.

Applications are accepted until 24th September 2020 at 13:00 by sending an E-mail to: and (please send applications to both addresses). The E-mail application requires the name, surname and first language of the student, and „MedRI_Basic“ should be written in the subject.

Registered students will be divided into groups and will receive a schedule as well as other relevant information by E-mail.