Erasmus mobility of invited staff from enterprises for teaching at the University of Rijeka

Invited incoming staff from enterprises may apply to the University of Rijeka for Erasmus+ grant for teaching mobility at the University of Rijeka.
Invited staff from enterprises invited to teach at UNIRI may be employed in any public or private organization (not awarded with an ECHE – Erasmus Charter for Higher Education).

Invited staff from enterprise will receive Erasmus+ grant (€ 112,00) as a contribution to their cost for travel and subsistence during the period abroad.

Minimum duration of invited incoming staff mobility is 1 day.
Maximum duration of invited incoming staff mobility is 10 days.

The mobility can be realized in the period from June 1, 2022, until July 31, 2024.

The candidate can apply for Erasmus+ grant to the UNIRI International Mobility Centre by submitting:
Application form (in English)
Invitation letter from the UNIRI member institute (faculty / academy / department)
Employment status certificate (candidate cannot be employed by a higher education institution)
Mobility agreement for teaching signed by all sides.
CV (in English)

Contact for additional information:
International Mobility Center
University of Rijeka

Instructions for incoming staff from enterprises Erasmus grants
Application form_Invited Staff from Enterprises
Staff Mobility Agreement for Teaching