The internationalization of Faculty of Medicine Rijeka

Internationalization, mobility, and quality are key concepts that have inspired us in the development challenge of creating and performing an integrated undergraduate and graduate university study of medicine in English. As an echo of the dynamic processes in the field of higher education, the study of Medicine in English will start with the academic year 2017/2018 with the primary objective of utilizing internationalization to significantly improve participation in scientific and educational mobility of the European Union as well as to use the implementation of strict international standards to raise the bar on the quality of the overall studies that are conducted at our Faculty of Medicine. The University of Rijeka is a research-based university, engaged in the international concept of higher education and scientific research and an active factor of socio-cultural transition to a ‘knowledge society’. Recognizing these values, Faculty of Medicine as the oldest and strongest component of the University of Rijeka, in its 62 years of existence, is establishing an advanced dynamic model of systematic and organized internationalization of its value and reach by developing a vision of an internationally oriented academic community.

Rijeka has always been a part of the developed world, often initiating first steps on the territory of new knowledge, skills, procedures, intellectual or material achievements, often defying conservative restraints of time and space. Apart from the quality of the educational process and the pleasant study environment, studying in Rijeka is really enjoyable for the various sports and social activities organized by the Students Organizations, as well as for the pleasant Mediterranean and Central European environment that our town offers.

Integrated undergraduate and graduate university study of Medicine in English is based on the internationally recognized and accredited curriculum program in the Croatian language. The importance of the internationalization of this program is to increase the quality of teaching, broaden the access to additional resources for teaching and scientific activity and enhance the reputation and attractiveness of Faculty of Medicine, as well as better compatibility with programs at the national and international level. Our expectations are focused on achieving a cooperative and competitive life of foreign students with Croatian students, with the aim of raising the general level of knowledge, responsibility, and culture of the entire academic life and work at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka. Rijeka, the city that flows, an example of centuries of cooperation and acceptance of diversity and respect.

Let us proudly say. With its scientific, professional and overall intellectual capacity, based on tradition and continuous development, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Rijeka, is an important factor in the biomedical map of Southeast Europe. We widely open new doors of cooperation and partnership with the international academic community, encouraging the input and output of scientific and educational mobility, accelerated flow of information and ideas. Where the wider network of people with broad perspective will bring new knowledge, skills, multicultural competence and values, new forms of intermingling and many reasons to smile towards a better tomorrow. I wish you a pleasant stay in our institution and our city, and an interesting and inspiring insight into our activities and work, as well as your continuous will for cooperation. Thank you for recognizing our institution as a potentially interesting environment in the process of acquiring knowledge and skills in the field of biomedicine. That is, along with a sense of satisfaction and meaningfulness, the most and the best we can give.

Professor Saša Ostojić, MD, PhD
Vice Dean for Developmental Programmes

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Anatomy lectures are held on Tuesday from 08:15 to 10:00 in lecture hall P9 at the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka…

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Immatriculation lecture

Dear students,

We hereby inform you that you can attend the Immatriculation lecture with will be held in Faculty Hall on Monday, October 2,2017 at 11:00 hours.

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Medical studies in english 5

Official results of autumn entrance exam

Official results of autumn entrance exam „Medical studies in English“…

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Call for entrance exam

Dear Applicants,
We thank you for your interest and application for the Medical Studies in English at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka.

Medicinski Fakultet Rijeka 01

Preparatory course in fields of Biology, Chemistry and Physics

The preparatory course will take place in lecture room P1 at main Faculty building, Braće Branchetta 20, Rijeka.

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Dear students,
You are invited to enroll into Integrated undergraduate and graduate university study of Medicine in English.

Enrolment schedule:

  • 20th of September 2017- candidates from summer entrance exam
  • 21st of September 2017- candidates from autumn entrance exam

According to the schedule above, all the enrolments will take place from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm.

It is important that you enroll at stated times. Your enrolment is only valid for one academic year at a time.


Failure to complete enrolment will lead to your exclusion from classes and assessments.

Courses are beginning on October 02, 2017

Introductory meeting for newly enrolled students will take place on September 22, 2017 –Lecture room 2, Faculty of Medicine, Braće Branchetta 20– at 10 am.

Intensive Croatian course for newly enrolled students will take place from September 25 until September 29,2017.


Dear students,
In the program of study it is envisaged that in the first 2 years it is expected that students will master the Croatian language at level B2 to be able to follow clinical part of the medical studies.

To pursue that goal our Faculty in collaboration with The Public University of Rijeka has organized special offer for Croatian language Course in total of 360 hours during two years (divided in four semesters). The price is discounted for our student group and in total is 800 Euro payable in 2 instalments.

To ensure a more relaxed working atmosphere and an easier integration into our Faculty we ensured that the intensive Croatian language course starts one week before the official start of the academic year. So, please keep in mind that during last week of September (from 25th until 30th) you will be engaged in Croatian language introductory week.
Those students who speak Croatian are enough to provide an insight into the knowledge of the Croatian language at B2 level before enrolling into 3rd year.


Academic Calendar 2017-2018

Academic calendar

Academic year 2017/2018: October 2, 2017 to September 28,2018

Beginning of the academic year: Monday, October 2,2017
End of the academic year: Friday, September 28,2018

Christmas and New Year Holidays: December 25 to January 06


Taeching period: October 2 to January 26
Winter exam period (no classes): January 29 to February 23


Teaching period: February 26 to June 8
Summer exam period (no classes): June 11 to July 13
Autumn – exam period (no classes): September 3 to September 28


January 1 
New Year’s Day

May 1
Workers’ Day

June 25
Statehood Day

October 8
Independence Day

December 26

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Call for applications for autumn entrance exam

University of Rijeka, Faculty of Medicine is announcing 2nd Public Call for admission to Medical Studies in English (MSE) in academic year 2017/2018. Deadline for submission of application isThursday, 31st of August 2017.

Medical studies in english 5

Official results of summer entrance exam

Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka
Official results of summer entrance exam „Medical studies in English“
Applicants who passed the entrance exam will receive the official Acceptance Letter within ten days of publicly announced entrance exam results.

14th of July, 2017. 15:00 CET